What is it?

This is a simple XMMS plugin for rendering rapidly moving terrain while you listen to music. The terrain, rendered using OpenGL, is generated in response to the frequency spectrum of the music you are listening to, with higher terrain corresponding to louder music at each particular frequency. The plugin itself is very simple (only a couple hundred lines of code). You can download the plugin and its source using the links to the right.


Version 0.12 (latest) [2003-11-11]
Binary: libxtp-0.12.so [85k]
Source: libxtp-0.12.tar.gz [34k]
Help: README [1k]

Version 0.10 [2003-08-06]
Binary: libxtp-0.10.so [161k]
Source: libxtp-0.10.tar.gz [32k]
Help: README [1k]


Here are a few screenshots of the plugin (keep in mind that the terrain is moving when the plugin is actually running, so it looks a lot better in action):

2. SDL

The XMMS Terrain Plugin is licensed under the GPL.

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